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From the Desk of Ms.Preeti Paul

Dear Parents,

On behalf of staff and board, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child and thank you for choosing Songbirds Montessori School.


Songbirds Montessori School welcomes children regardless of race, religion, colour or creed. Likewise the school does not discriminate against any employee on the basis of race, colour or national and/or ethnic origin.


A child’s early years are a critical period, not only for learning, but also for developing habits which will affect his/her life in the future. The task of providing a safe, nurturing and happy environment, and a varied and stimulating program appropriate to each child’s needs, is a responsibility that we take seriously.


Our mandate as a Licensed Montessori School is to provide your child with quality care. I encourage you to discuss with staff any questions you may have.


Our staff looks forward to working in partnership with you in the provision of care for your child. By offering a caring climate and opportunities for maximum growth and development, we know that we will be providing you with peace of mind.




Preeti Paul


Songbirds Montessori School



Our Mission

Songbirds Montessori School is committed to the promotion and delivery of quality childcare. Our services enrich children's learning experiences, provide support to families and respond to community needs. In fulfillment of the Montessori Philosophy, we encourage parents to commit the three year program because by the third year the child reaps the benefits of time spent and effort expended during the first two years.

Our Philosophy

In fulfillment of the Montessori Philosophy, Songbirds Montessori School operates within the framework of the CCEYA and provides a unique opportunity for children in a safe, diverse, nurturing and creative environment that fosters their intellectual, social, emotional and physical skills. Care is provided in a non-discriminating manner, consistent with the Ontario Human Right Code and our multicultural environment is upheld in the spirit of sharing and respect.

Songbirds Montessori School respects, supports and reinforce the family unity.







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