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Welcome To Songbirds Montessori School

Welcome to Songbirds
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Top Montessori Schhol Brampton Songbirds Montessori

Songbirds Montessori School is an applicant member of THE CANADIAN COUNCIL OF MONTESSORI ADMINISTRATORS

We have been the TOP CHOICE of BRAMPTON for last 6 years.


The Songbirds Montessori School is committed to the promotion and delivery of quality childcare. We got our first Licence under The Ministry of Education in 2004. Our services enrich children’s learning experience, provide support to families and respond to community needs. To maximize the benefits of the entire Montessori experience, we encourage parents to commit to the three years program because by the third year the child reaps the benefits of the time spent and the efforts put in during the first two years.


With our Montessori approach - children can succeed everyday!

•The fostering of curiosity and excitement in learning, Inspired by free choice.
•To encourage the development of “self-confidence” and “an optimistic approach to life”. Balance of freedom & responsibility.
•To help develop independence and good decision- making skills.
•To encourage growth in all areas of language.
•To offer age appropriate learning experience in literacy, numeracy, nature studies and science through the Montessori method.
•To enhance the child’s ability to listen and participate in individual and group situations.
•To support parents in their goals to raise healthy, well adjusted children.
•To promote respect for individual differences.
•Most important - Our teachers learn from our kids everyday.



"The most important years for learning are from birth to age six."
Dr. Maria Montessori

Why Songbirds

Why Songbirds Montessori School?

Full Day Service.

We are proud to say that we are a Child Care Service, serves in a unique school environment. We strictly follow Montessori approach, which promotes a child’s total development. The Montessori Curriculum is designed in a way that it helps all children achieve their full potential without pressure or competition. A child is free to challenge themselves at their own pace without feeling ahead or left behind.  



Licensed under Ministry of Education.

Songbirds Montessori School is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and our standards are kept beyond and above the province of Ontario requirements. All our locations are regularly inspected by the Health Department, Fire Department, and licensing officers from the Ministry of Education.



The Child Songbirds Montessori School strives to fulfill the needs of the whole child: by helping them cultivate a love for learning, by creating opportunities for growth and independence and by helping them to learn the values of self-respect and a positive self worth.



The Environment

Songbirds Montessori School creates an environment that is fresh, secure, fully balanced, nurturing and carefully prepared to provide positive learning experiences for the kids. Our natural setting is a vital part of our Montessori curriculum.




The Community Songbirds Montessori School strives to create an encouraging and caring atmosphere for parents and their children so that they can flourish and grow. Our focus is to nurture respect and understanding for each other, nature and our planet.





At Songbirds Montessori School, we provide a high quality nutritional menu. Our food is prepared fresh each day by our in-school cook in our well-equipped kitchen.  We evaluate quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance, and taste. Our hope is that by providing the children with delicious and healthy food, they will grow into healthy happy people.


All of our menu items have been carefully selected.  Our menus have been designed to meet all of the essential children’s nutritional needs and are all in accordance with the Day Nurseries Legislative Reference and Canada’s Food Guide.

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What is Montessori

What is Montessori?

"The most important years for learning are from birth to age six."

Dr. Maria Montessori



What is Montessori?


The Montessori Method of Education was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952), an Italian physician. It is a method of teaching children that offers individualized learning opportunities to assist in a child's development of social, cognitive, physical, and creative skills. Dr. Montessori viewed children with enormous respect for their natural desire to learn.


The Montessori Method of education aims for the fullest promising development of the whole child, ultimately preparing him/her for life's many wealthy experiences. Complemented by her training in medicine, psychology and anthropology, Dr. Maria Montessori developed her philosophy of education based upon actual observations of children.Children pass through sensitive periods of development early in life. Dr. Montessori described the child's mind between the time of birth and six years of age as the "absorbent mind". It is during this stage that a child has a tremendous ability to learn and assimilate from the world around him, without conscious effort. During this time, children are particularly receptive to certain external stimuli. A Montessori teacher recognizes and takes advantage of these highly perceptive stages through the introduction of materials and activities which are specially designed to stimulate the intellect.

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